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We are developers of industrial apps, monitoring tools and games for mobile platforms.

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We are developers of industrial apps, monitoring tools for IoT and also games.

We will create custom mobile application for you, a monitoring tools for your device or a game to promote your company. Let us know your idea, we will take care of the implementation.

  • We will design an application or game for you according to your specifications and at your convenience.
  • We will prepare the design of the application or game for approval and then incorporate your comments.
  • We will publish the app or game in App Stores, prepare descriptions and screenshots.
  • We will guide you through the entire process of developing an app or game to publication.

Our applications and games have API JSON support, server background, online administration and other features that can be used by our customers.

Company in numbers

Developing apps and games is exciting. We love challenges. We like numbers and data, their processing and visualization. If you think we can offer you something, contact us.

Downloads of our apps and games from Play Store and App Store. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Apps & games we've created or published across platforms (Android, Apple iOS, PC, Online Web Apps, Nintendo, etc.)

Cups of coffee that we drink every year at our company. Will you join us?

Years of development experience has each of our main founders. You can count on us.


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Business applications

Mobile and online apps and custom tools. We will create a corporate application, e-shop, manual, tool for your customers. Android/iOS/Web

Company Info App or Tool
Internal or employee applications
Online App administration
App Statistics supported
Apple Apps Store & Google Play Store
Apple iOS, Google Android, PC platforms

Games Development

Let's develop games for fun. Do you have an idea for games? Want to delight your community with a fun game? Need to promote your business?

Arcade, Puzzle, Adventure and RPG custom games
Multiplayer mode
Live Statistics supported
Apps Store, Play Store, Steam, Nintendo
Apple iOS, Google Android, PC, Nintendo Switch platforms

Internet of Things

We like to collect data from different devices and sensors. We have extensive experience with weather stations.

IoT data export/import tools
Device & Hardware monitoring tools
API (JSON) support
Online App administration
Artificial intelligence (AI)
Machine learning

API Servers & Clouds

We have many years of experience in operating servers. We develop our own solutions for monitoring, administration or API data export.

Apps and Games Hosting
We support clouds
We add API to your app
Custom API JSON export
API servers
Data mining, Big data

Bitcoin & Crypto

We have been interested in the cryptocurrency Ecosystem for several years. We help miners, traders or operators of pools or tools in the blockchain.

Bitcoin and Crypto currency eco system
Support apps for Miners
Support apps for Traders
Crypto currency wallets
Monitoring apps for Pools
Converters and Calculators

Across platforms

We develop our apps and games across platforms. We don't shy away from new ideas and we like a challenge. Let's collaborate on something new.

Apple iOS
Google Android
Nintendo Switch
Steam PC
Amazon App

Case studies

Practical examples of our solutions

Hardware Monitoring Tools

Since 2016 we have been developing applications for monitoring special hardware. We monitor temperature, engine speed, pressure and other data, which we can then display in the application, including graphs and other statistics.

Mobile & PC Games

During the years of development we have also prepared several logic games, games for children, adventure games and educational games.

Congress and Event Administration

We have prepared a complete solution for managing the program of congresses or events. Online administration, mobile application for Apple iOS and Android devices. We have many years of experience with medical congresses support.

Container Transport Administration

For the world's leading container carriers we operate various online tools for tracking containers and other parameters for better transport organization.

Bitcoin & Crypto Currency

We're Bitcoin & Crypto enthusiasts. We help the community to develop applications using Blockchain or Etherchain. We cooperate with Crypto Miners and Mining Pools operators. We have created over 50 applications for the Crypto community. We have experience!

Mining pools & Tools for Miners

Applications & Games

Check out Apps & Games

Business applications

  • Medical Congress Programs
  • Container transport administration
  • City Guide
  • Map of the golf course
  • Apps for events


  • Adventure games
  • Puzzle games
  • Educational games
  • Logical games
  • RPG games

Internet of Things

  • Meteo Station applications
  • Official app for stations producer
  • Cumulus Weather app
  • Solar PV Energy monitor
  • 3D printer monitor

API & Clouds

  • Apache server monitoring
  • Visualization of machine data
  • Automated API systems
  • Automated data mining apps

Bitcoin & Crypto Currency

  • Mining pool monitors
  • Mining Hardware monitors
  • Bitcoin & Crypto currency calculator
  • Ethereum coins - price and charts
  • Bitcoin coins - price and charts

Other applications

  • Math training sheets generator
  • What is my IP tool
  • QR code generator
  • RSS News readers
Personal Weather Station Monitor

Personal Weather Station Monitor

Apple iOS/Android Monitoring Application

Bitcoin & Crypto currency Calculator

Bitcoin & Crypto currency Calculator

Apple iOS/Android Trading Tool

Cumulus Realtime Meteo Monitor

Cumulus Realtime Meteo Monitor

Apple iOS/Android IoT Monitoring App

Crypto Mining Monitor for 2miners Pool

Crypto Mining Monitor for 2miners Pool

Apple iOS/Android Monitoring Application

GARNI technology Meteo App

GARNI technology Meteo App

Apple iOS/Android IoT Monitoring App


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Company is registered in Companies Register of Town Court Ostrava (Czech Republic) column C file 66496. VAT NO: CZ05175518

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